Five Four Musicians Who Practice Witchcraft

Gerald Gardner founded Wicca in the 1960s, though many claim the idea was originally thought up with assistance by Aleister Crowley. Regardless, the faith has become one of the most prominent neopagan belief systems in the world, and the pentacle symbol used by adherents is even approved for use in military cemeteries after lawsuits were filed on behalf of Patrick Stewart, a Wiccan soldier killed in Afghanistan in 2005.

Several pop and rock stars have "come out of the broom closet" as it were, and are open, practicing witches. They include...

Sully Erna at The Woodlands, October 23
Sully Erna at The Woodlands, October 23
Austin Miller

5. Sully Erna, Godsmack: Godsmack did what they do best here in Houston last Saturday at Buzzfest. Singer Sully Erna has long been a very outspoken proponent of the Wiccan religion. He takes a very spiritual view of his faith, and is the first to remind interviewers that hard work is the key to musical success, not ritual magic.

"Wicca helped me a lot, in my personal life, but we recorded a good album and got signed," said Erna in an interview with "We didn't brew a potion with adder tongues or threaten to cast a spell over a record-company exec."

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4. Fiona Horne: Fiona Horne is famous for a lot of things. Musically, she's known for fronting the Austrailian band Def FX, which was kind of Pink Floyd-ian in nature. She's also been a Playboy model, writes books on witchcraft, and was one of the Alts in the short-lived but absolutely hilarious reality-TV show Mad Mad House.

The show also included a vampire, a modern primitive, a voodoo priestess and a nudist. Horne released a solo album in 2007, and even a cursory look through Google Image search will turn up pictures of her boobies. Just saying.

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