Felicia Moon, Oiler QB Warren's Ex, Arrested for Public Sex

Felicia Moon, the ex-wife of Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon, knows how to enjoy a trail ride, if the Waller County Sheriff's Office is to be believed.

KHOU says Moon, 55, was arrested Monday night near Hockley for having public sex with a man we presume to have been at least for the moment her boyfriend, 50-year-old James Thomas. (Her Facebook page shows that they're "in a relationship.")

There are not many details beyond what's in the charge itself, so we don't know the exact nature of what was going on or just how public it was.

But the trail boss was pretty blasé about it all, which means this is one trail ride that knows how to party.

"Well, they were out on the field, so whatever," Nannie Francies told KHOU. "I don't see it as a big deal. When people go out on the trail, people tend to do what they want to do."

You said it, Nannie.

Felicia and Warren had a sometimes stormy marriage. They were married in 1981 and divorced 21 years later. Moon was arrested for assaulting her at one point, but she refused to press charges. The Fort Bend County DA went ahead with the case anyway, and the quarterback was acquitted of a misdemeanor.

Mrs. Moon has been active in church activities. According to one profile:

Felicia took her blend of faith and courage along with her tragedies and famous name and turned it into Exhibit Hope. Hope for others, that there is a tomorrow and that there is something better for all of us and she is the example. Her message through is "never give up, there is always hope, no matter how ugly...there is always hope in Jesus." This is where Felicia Moon is!

Her Valentine's Day message on her FB page:

Happy Valentine's Day to all of the REAL MEN who know how to show love to their lady 365 days a year. You are a rare jewel. I hope she appreciates you.

Here's the KHOU report:

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