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Big Changes for Two Notable Houston Bars

Outlaw Dave’s Worldwide Headquarters at 6502 Washington announced in a statement on Facebook last night that it is closed for good. The statement reads:

“After 5 years working on this project and running two other businesses, putting on two of Texas' largest motorcycle rides, coordinating a charity and my ever growing family plus doing a Hall of Fame broadcast six nights a week it has become too much to much to handle effectively. I am sadly shutting Outlaw Dave's Worldwide Headquarters to focus my energy on being more effective at the rest of my endeavors.

I am appreciative of all my fans, my patrons, the bands, the hot rod clubs, the motorcycle MCs, the incomparable Kiki Maroon, the Whiskey Bros, my vendors, my neighbors and most importantly my staff who worked so hard for me through all the years we were open.
Adios Bitches,

Outlaw Dave has been a well-known radio personality since his days at long-defunct rock station 101 KLOL. He revived his controversial radio show and was named Best Radio Personality in 2014 by the Houston Press. In November of that same year, he was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

The show was hosted at Outlaw Dave’s Worldwide Headquarters, named Best Biker Bar in 2013. Last October’s Houston Press Wingtoberfest event was held there as well.

In other news, a reader tip led us to ask the owners of The Mezzanine Lounge whether it is closing. It is not closing. However, it is being sold to different owners with the intent that they’ll keep the same concept.

We received this statement about why the bar is being sold:
“We are actually in the process of selling to someone that will keep everything the same. We are stepping away to spend more time with our daughter, and the fact that we can't keep up with the mounting expenses to run a non-corporate backed sports bar.”

We do not know who the prospective owner is at this time.
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Phaedra Cook
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