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Justin Yu and Bobby Heugel's New Heights Bar, Better Luck Tomorrow, Opens in Late April

The team behind upcoming Better Luck Tomorrow
The team behind upcoming Better Luck Tomorrow Photo courtesy of Better Luck Tomorrow
Justin Yu, Bobby Heugel and Steve Flippo are finally revealing the plans for their mystery Heights bar and eatery at 544 Yale opening in late April. The new spot, called Better Luck Tomorrow (BLT for short), will feature casual eats from Yu, ten original and "hyper-seasonal" Gulf Coast-inspired cocktails with an emphasis on amazing garnishes from Heugel, and an experience that, according to a press release, will be "playful and lighthearted while continuing to execute at the highest level.”

Heugel notes that the name represents both "a well wish and a sarcastic comment."

Terry Williams, currently GM of Anvil, will take over as operations director at BLT, and Anvil's Alex Negranza will also come aboard as bar manager. The bar will have an intense training program "nearly identical" to that of Anvil's.  Public Services Wine and Whisky's Justin Vann will handle an "aggressive" wine list, and there will be a weekly Break-Even Wine selection as well as pours from rare, high-end bottles every Sunday. A happy hour will launch about a month after opening.

As for the menu, Yu has created ten dishes described as food "we’d make for ourselves and our friends on our day off," but other than a patty melt made with "caramelized thin beef patties, crispy cheese and caramelized onions," the actual menu remains a mystery. Food will be available nightly at the bar until midnight. Chef Matt Boesen, an alum of Oxheart and Hunky Dory, will oversee the kitchen.

The bar will feature two large patios and first-come, first-serve seating among the colorful, neon-accented interior inspired by the Dan Flavin installation at Richmond Hall.

Better Luck Tomorrow
544 Yale, opening late April
Projected Hours: Seven days a week, 3:30pm-2am

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