Kathleen Morgan, Houston entrepreneur
Kathleen Morgan, Houston entrepreneur
Houston Press photo

While Waiting For Blue Bell's Return, Why Not Give Houston's Honey Child's Sweet Creams a Try?

Kathleen Morgan is a determined young entrepreneur in Houston. She decided she could make better ice cream with natural ingredients and renting space in a commercial kitchen gave her a chance to do just that. 

Now available at  Urban Harvest, Antidote Coffee in the Heights and Mam's Snoballs in the Heights, Honey Child's Sweet Creams comes in four-ounce cups at $4 each. The pints are $12 each and feature flavors like mango, fig, creamed corn and mint. The most popular, she says, has been the buttermilk pie.

There's even straightforward vanilla — give it a try if you're really missing Blue Bell's version. 

Asked if there have been any missteps along the way, Morgan concedes that her idea for  sorghum molasses ice cream with a peanut butter fudge swirl did not soar. "Some loved it. Some did not like it at all."

Morgan says what she tries to do is "to keep things really simple. I   try to let the fruits speak for themselves and use fresh, high quality ingredients." .

She's also spread out to Doughmaker Doughnuts, a food truck that's in Rice Village a lot.  The single serving containers come with a built-in spoon, making it easy to eat on the run. 


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