Low Budget Hell: The Other Side of John Waters

You'll pardon us for more or less dedicating our lives to talking about legendary director John Waters (Hairspray, Pink Flamingoes) over the last two weeks. It's just, well, him coming here was a big deal and we wanted to make sure that we covered every facet of it that we could. Curiously enough, there is one more tale to tell.

Robert Maier was a production manager working with John Waters on some of his earlier films. From Pink Flamingoes to Hairspray he had the unenviable job of keeping the films inside their tiny budgets in hopes that bigger and better Hollywood dreams were going to come along. They did, but not for Maier or Waters' old editor Charles Roggero. When the big money came calling to make Cry-Baby after Hairspray was they were the Dreamlanders that were left behind.

Maier has chronicled his time as an East Coast production manager specializing in keeping low budget films afloat in a new book called Low Budget Hell. The memoir is a frankly fascinating read that takes a reader deep into one of the most important and least understood positions in the movie magic machine. Maier moves Heaven and Earth in the book scrounging for equipment, extras, food, and one more dollar to keep the cameras rolling.

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