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Luck 1.5: "Some People Lie Like Breathing."

I was a little pressed for time on this week's recap, so in the spirit of Jeff Balke's Oscar coverage, I'm going to give you the latest Luck rundown live-blog style.

Only it's...not really live. Oh shut up.

Previously on Luck: Yep, seen all that before. Still maintain that Jerry doesn't survive the season. That's free Jason Gedrick up for Iron Eagle IV: Mission Iran.

2:37 - Did anyone see Nick Nolte ("Walter Smith") at the Oscars last night? A friend of mine thought it was Gary Busey.

3:30 - Ace is irate that Claire is late to pick up the check. From his demeanor during the conversation with Gus, I'm guessing he didn't get a lot of conjugal visits.

3:52 - Surprise! Turo has entered Pint of Plain in a race tomorrow. He assures Gus he's only entered to fill the field and is "90% unlikely" to run (with Leon on mount). Ace is skeptical, to put it mildly.

6:43 - Kagel got fired from his security gig for loan sharking on the job. He tries to hit Jerry up for money, but probably shouldn't have prefaced his plea with a story about getting arrested for defecating in the street. Jerry gives him a grand, no vig. Lousy gambler *and* a soft touch. Marcus has been reading Jerry's diary and knows he's down over $240K from gambling losses. Then Lonnie and Renzo take Marcus to the chest doctor.

11:24 - Ace and Gus pay Turo a visit. Ace might be showing his hand by asking pointed questions about the odds on Pint of Plain should the rookie Leon be on him (they'd double), but he's on to Turo's plan. Ace wants the best jockey available.

14:00 - Turo is so flustered at being found out he confuses Judge Judy and Dr. Phil.

15:54 - The doctor tells Marcus his cardiomyopathy is getting aggravated by stress, which is doing more damage than the original condition. He suggests valium and meditation.

17:49 - Ace and Gus go back to Turo, reiterating their demand for the best jockey available. Gus (Ace) also gives Turo $5K to give to Leon. Joey isn't happy. Leon less so.

19:36 - Marcus on valium is pretty hilarious. And by "hilarious" I mean "maudlin." He and Jerry have an interesting discussion about the nature of homosexuality.

25:21 - What's this? The episode-ending Ace-Gus confab in the middle of the show? Get me my smelling salts. Ace is still upset Claire didn't call. Gus is excited about Pint of Plain running tomorrow.

27:35 - Wait...does Gus actually sleep in that chair? At the foot of Ace's bed? I need to start calling him "Smithers."

28:20 - RACE DAY!

29:30 - Oh, *now* Claire shows up. Ace repeats his request for a date. Awkward.

31:50 - Joey does what every down-on-his luck agent does and calls his ex-wife. Hard to imagine why she ever let the needy prick go.

32:30 - Ace gave Claire a check for freaking $367,000. How can you not go out with the guy? Unless you think you'd feel like, I don't know, a prostitute or something.

32:45 - "Foray Stables" is the name of the Degenerates' new horse-owning venture. You know it's official because they have T-shirts and everything.

33:30 - So much for the "prostitute" thing. Looks like Claire decided to join Ace (and Gus) at the track after all. Ace also insists on Turo joining them, presumably so he won't be able to make any bets. "367" is Ace's lucky number, which is why he had the check out for that amount. That makes sense.

37:00 - Pint of Plain takes a horseshoe to the leg, yet still wins his race. Ace thinks he's "some wonderful horse." Turo is more skeptical about the horse's prognosis.

43:14 - Ace has Gus take Claire home. He wants to stay with the horse. Jo wonders how they keep pretending it's not actually his.

45:10 - Now I'm starting to think Joey might not be long for this world either. Three calls to the ex in one day? That's cry for help shit right there.

46:21 - Uh, guess Ace likes horses. Creepy.

Next week: Walter owes money, and looks like I was right about Joey.

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