Best Of Houston® 2015

Houston is a fun city with a lot of options. Like sports? We've got pro teams galore — Astros, Rockets, Texans and the Dynamo (and now the Dash). Restaurants? Our city's diversity is reflected in all the different types of cuisines we have here available all hours of the day and night from the best greasy hamburger to expense account fine dining. Culture? There are the theaters, the ballet, the symphony and the opera. Want to go clubbing? We're all over that as well. Or just lay out on a beach and take in the sea air.

Houstonians are by and large hard-working people and when they get out on the town they want to approach their playtime with the same enthusiasm. That's what the theme of Best of Houston 2015 is all about: Work Hard, Play Hard.

We've researched, evaluated, participated and rated, because we believe in hard work as well. Just so we can help you get to the best places around town to have fun. And tell you something about the great people working hard to help you better enjoy life here.

— Michael Barajas and Margaret Downing, Co-Editors of Best of Houston 2015

Best Of Houston®

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