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Balls Out Burger

Balls Out Burger looks the part its name evokes, with burgers that positively ooze beef and cheese. Unfortunately, they eat far tamer than they look. While the default burger here comes devoid of anything but beef and bun swaddled in melting American cheese, you’re better off adding some salad stuff for balance. You’ll also want to opt for the single instead of the jaw-unhinging double. The beef is flavorful and well seasoned, but comes a bit too compressed and bearing an unfortunately weak sear. Overall, Balls Out burgers look, feel and taste an awful lot like the burgers you might make at home, with decent-quality mass-market beef seared in carbon steel and blanketed with American cheese. That said, the expansive patio is a delight during nice weather, the all-Saint Arnold beer selection is a nice touch, and the shakes are homespun delights.