Stoked Tacos & Tequila

Stoked Tacos & Tequila in Midtown seems to be the perfect concept for a building where several prior restaurants just weren’t the right fit. Tacos and tequila shots satisfy the wandering Midtown partiers on the weekends, but it would be a mistake for Houston diners to blow this off as just a hipster taco joint. The food here is fun, but it’s also very good. Brisket- and bean-dip-topped Frito pie with a dollop of crema is served right in the single-serving bag (the better to contain its goodness). Tacos are consistently garnished with fresh vegetables and herbs, such as avocado chunks, radish slices, fresh cilantro and, in the case of the exquisitely crunchy fresh fish taco, shredded red and green cabbage. The queso seems prone to changing a bit from day to day — a little thicker one day and thinner the next — but it’s always tasty and a bit spicy. Roasted meat fillings for the tacos, like pastor (marinated and roasted pork), can be on the dry side, but that issue is easily remedied with a squirt of hot sauce.