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Here's to when we can all get together again to enjoy the Houston music scene as we did as part of the Gasolina Party Tour last year.
Here's to when we can all get together again to enjoy the Houston music scene as we did as part of the Gasolina Party Tour last year. Photo by Doogie Roux

Thanks to the conronavirus, large gatherings of any kind — including music concerts — are on hold right now. But that doesn't mean our Houston Press music writers haven't been busy keeping us apprised of what's going on.

Matthew Keever converted his best concerts of the week column to best streaming concerts of the week.

Classic Rock Bob Ruggiero has been staying up late at night, reading page after page to keep readers up to date on the latest music books. His most recent: a photo collection of Joe Cocker and company while he was on tour with Mad Dogs & Englishmen.

Gladys Fuentes gave us a look at the live streams that Kam Franklin of The Suffers is doing from home.

Connor Fields told us about Satellite Houston's GoFundMe page.

Jesse Sendejas Jr. brought us up to date with the efforts of the Houston Music Foundation to help musicians through these hard times.

And David Rozycki got together with Houston's Christian Kidd to tell us about the time Kidd met The Ramones at a 7-Eleven.

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We're all hoping for a return of the concerts and live gigs of all sizes that prior to stay-at-home  and the pandemic that inspired it and you can be sure that the Press will be there heralding the moment the music world starts getting back to normal again.

For now, and for whenever that happens, please think about supporting our independent journalism in Houston.
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