Before It's Gone: A Summer Playlist

Gov. Abbott in late June when he threw a lifeline to Texas bars.
Gov. Abbott in late June when he threw a lifeline to Texas bars. Screenshot
Damn, bro.  It's August how did that happen? Okay, okay, that doesn't mean we can't still act a summer fool— under the current guidelines that is.

On the plus side, we won't have soon to be flooded feeds of back-to-school pictures to look forward too! On the plus side, have you heard of cocktail delivery seven days a week?

Our Houston restaurant and bar industry are so crafty, so resilient, and thanks to Gov. Abbott, we are able to design and sell boozy kits, cocktails made to order, wine cornucopias, frozens— even stupid white claw— all to go, so you can throw down to this Summer playlist while keepin' it classy.

Check out your favorite bars like Julep (832-371-7715) or Bovine & Barley (832-547-0912)—there are many more— who have special delivery programs where you can order simply via text and it arrives via magical chariot.  

Oh. Are we going to find another adjective for pivot? It's getting kind of stale— we need to freshen that jargon up come Fall. Can someone go tell Gen Z to get on it? They aren't reading this.

Fortunately this summer, musical artists have still managed to provide us with a crop of synthy zone-outs and taut beat droppers. Besides, music is the easiest way to bootstrap yourself out of a bullshit kind of day.  The right jam can be as inherently satisfying as a bowl of warm fava beans. With a side of seared liver. Maybe a glass of Chianti. I don't know.

To enjoy this playlist on Spotify look for Summer Jamz with the Houston Press by Kate McLean.

"Say it Loud (T.I.B.E.)" by Trinidad James featuring Fyre., Big K.R.I.T. & CyHi The Prynce: HELL YES. Serious 300-vibes on this track, the very best kind. SHINE ON.

"Rain On Me" by Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande:
 This jam has serious Lindsay Lohan Mykonos vibes circa two years ago.  In case you forgot what that looks like, here is a video.

Yes, honey. We are here for it.

"Somebody Real" by Schmarx & Savvy:
ATTN: Now dropping ALL requirements. Somebody real no longer needed.  Imaginary will do.

"Echoes" by EMBRZ:
This is where you motion for Jeepers (the pool boy) to give you a fresh sun screening and then a deep tissue and then a sandwich and then another fresh sun screening. Wrap me in a beach towel.  Feed me ribeye and Burgundy until I die. (*Not a casting call for SAW VIII)

"House Arrest-Chris Lorenzo Remix" by Sofi Tukker, Gorgon City, Chris Lorenzo:
Go ahead officer, arrest me. Over and over again.

"WHATS POPPIN" by Jack Harlow featuring DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne:
— give me that wha????

"Run" by Lane 8 and Kasablanca: It all makes sense. Do it. Take a risk.  *clicks Place Your Order.

"Come & Go" by Juice WRLD with Marshmellow:
 Remember, not all love drips from the sky waterfall of unicorn marshmallow island. Some of it's part Manhattan sewer steam, part top o' the morning sprinkled doughnut.

"Buss It" by Vigiland and M24:
  Hi. Can I double book you? This sizzler is sure to lick the air waves clean.

"Heat Waves" by Glass Animals:
Once again, Neighbor delivers that catchy jam for this dark slice 2020 toast. 
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