Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia Talks Gigantour, Dark Adrenaline

Conventional wisdom used to be that the hyper-masculine world of heavy metal would never fully embrace a female superstar, but that was before Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia hit the scene. Armed with a soaring contralto and a humble attitude that belies her striking beauty, Scabbia has converted more than a few skeptics over the past 14 years.

Last month, Lacuna Coil delivered its sixth album, Dark Adrenaline. Powered by its first single, "Trip the Darkness," the album scored the band's highest U.S. chart debut to date at no. 15 on the Billboard Top 200. A slick and moody affair featuring Scabbia and co-vocalist Andrea Ferro trading hooks, the release was a triumph for a band many considered too different, too feminine or just too Italian to achieve mainstream success as a metal band in the U.S.

Now Lacuna Coil is capitalizing on that success with a slot on the season's highest-profile metal tour, the fourth iteration of Dave Mustaine's Gigantour. In addition to Lacuna Coil, headliners Megadeth are joined by the legendary Motorhead and Denmark's Volbeat. The show rumbles into Verizon Wireless Theater Friday.

Rocks Off caught up with Cristina Scabbia earlier this week to ask her about the big tour, the new record and what to expect next from Lacuna Coil.

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