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My Girl's Ex Is Rich. Help!


Dear Willie D:

My girlfriend is always bragging on her ex-boyfriend’s finances. He is a successful businessman. She stays at my place most of the time because her apartment is too small for her and her two kids, and it’s located in a dangerous area of town.

Though her ex has ten times more money than I do, he never spoiled her with gifts or took her to places she’s never been like I have done. But still she sings his praises, and ridicules me whenever I don’t let her have her way. She has told her friends that I’m behind on my taxes and that I’m going to lose my house, which is not true.

We have only been dating for eight months, but I love her, and her kids like they’re mine. I also do more for them than their own father does. I feel as though if I had more money, she would respect me more. Am I right, or is this a lost cause?

More Money:

The lack of money isn’t your problem. Your problem is your skank girlfriend. You should never tolerate blatant disrespect from anyone, let alone from a woman who you’re in a relationship with who has kids that you take care of from another man.

Dump her and move on.


Dear Willie D:

All four of my children are now off to college or living their life with various significant others, and I’m a divorced 54-year-old woman with nothing to do but reflect on what used to be. There was a time when I felt needed, and loved more than anybody in the world.

Now I feel unwanted and unloved. How do I break this miserable spell?

Miserable Spell:

I feel your pain. Never mind them actually doing it, just the thought of my kids moving out and starting a life independent of me feels like a death in the family. But it’s inevitable as children growing up, becoming adults, moving away from home, and starting their own families are part of life’s amazing cycle. You should take pride in knowing you prepared them for life’s many challenges.

After spending years living for your children, it’s now your time. Reinvent yourself. Get a makeover. Pick up a new hobby. Travel and reconnect with old friends you haven’t heard from in a while. Start dating. Get up, get out and do something.

But here’s the kicker: Just when you think you’ve reclaimed your life, don’t be surprised when God showcases his awesomeness and bestows upon you those little thingies called grandkids. The nest may be vacant, but it’s never really empty.


Dear Willie D:

I brought a girl home from the bar last night, and we had sex. I was too tired to drive her back to her car, so she stayed the night. The next morning when I woke up, I leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, and her morning breath was so strong that it could’ve stopped a charging elephant. The crazy thing is, she was still asleep, and her mouth was barely closed.

I got out of the bed and stared at her thinking, how in the hell can a woman that fine have stank breath?

Mourning Breath:

How fine a woman is has zero relevance to what her breath smells like. That comes down to lack of proper dental hygiene. Get her a gift card from a dental office that includes an exam, cleaning and X-rays.

You don’t want it on your record that you were swapping gravies with a rotten mouth if it ever gets out that you slept with her.


Dear Willie D:

I had an accident a few days ago and gave false information to an old lady who hit me. It was a fender bender, but since I didn’t have my license I quickly gave her my sister’s name who lives in another state.

I don’t know why I gave her my sister’s name out of all names. I gave her a fake phone number, too. What worries me is that I don’t know if she wrote down my license-plate number. So every time I hear a noise or the doorbell rings, I’m paranoid that it’s the cops coming to arrest me.

Is it too late to call her and clean up my story?

Falsified Info:

It depends on whether the lady who hit you has already contacted her insurance company. Even if she did, you could contact her and come clean. Just tell her you were scared, provide the correct information and apologize.

Whenever I have had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident, my first move is to memorize the other driver’s license plate. If that person tries to flee or gives false information, he’ll probably see me before he sees the cops.

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Willie D is a member of the legendary hip hop band, the Geto Boys, the host and executive producer of the Willie D Live podcast, and an advice columnist for the Houston Press since 2013.
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