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Randy Travis Arrested in Sanger This Morning For Suspicion Of Intoxication

This morning in Sanger, Texas, country crooner Randy Travis was arrested on "suspicion of public intoxication" by local authorities. Our sister paper to the north, Dallas Observer, also picked up on the story, which is currently making the rounds on TMZ.

According to Denton County officials, Travis was "spotted in front of the First Baptist Church in Sanger with an open bottle of wine," which is pretty much a ready-made country song title. Amazing.

The singer was taken in, booked, and gone and out of the jail within hours. Drinking in front of a church is either the sign of man in deep personal turmoil, or an indication that Travis parties harder than you do, on a Sunday night no less.

Maybe he was attempting to "dig up bones" in the church's graveyard, or better yet, he lost a load of cash on the Patriots last night and was coming to the church to scream at God for making him a loser on the Sabbath. More than likely though, this is just Randy being randy -- womp -- and he is human after all. Plus, let's remember this was just wine, probably some Yellow Tail he snagged from the fridge, and not a bottle of Jim Beam.

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Craig Hlavaty
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