Breakups Happen. Here Are Some Pain Songs.

A nice bath might help you feel better.
A nice bath might help you feel better. "Jordan's Bathtub" by Kate McLean
So. Like a Civil War battlefield amputation, your relationship took a turn for the worse. We’re sorry he/ she didn’t turn out to be all butterflies and strawberries. There, there. On the upside, now you can wallow for a week or so in pain songs, and what's this— we've collected some below.

Keep your head up and remember: you don’t need a man. You don’t need a woman. You just need a sandwich.

To hear this playlist on Spotify check out: Breakin' Up with the Houston Press 2020 by Kate McLean.

“I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt:
Damn, Bonnie. This song is really sad, good job. Dope piano solo, too.

“Anytime” by Brian McKnight:
Do you ever cross my mind? Anytime?? Honestly, it depends on 1. How hard you made me laugh and 2. How hard you made me (bleeeeeeep.)

“What Hurts The Most” by Rascal Flatts: What hurts the most is how I think I can hit those notes windows down sitting in traffic.

“Things I’ve Learned (AUST Remix)” by BRKLYN, Jocelyn Alice, Fairlane, AUST:
I guess, BRAD, what I've learned is to ask you to snake the drain two weeks before it's actually necessary.

“Not In Love” by Crystal Castles, Robert Smith: Definitely not in love. But! Maybe you should come over one more time real fast I found your "grandpa's cuff links".

“Shiver and Shake” by Ryan Adams:
Crawl into the bath tub, turn on the faucet, and might as well turn on the shower head too. Who cares.

"Sideways" by Citizen Cope: Are you like obsessed with me or something?!?

“Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole” by Martha Wainwright:
Yeah!!! What she said.

“You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” by Phantogram, Joey Purp, A-trak:
Okay, set the birthday cake frosting down. Get out of bed. Put on headphones. Walk to the living room and just start moving your body.

“Sign No More” by Mumford & Sons:
This is the song you hear skipping on the record player as you wake up face smashed against the wood floor seven hours later because y'all didn't break up. He died.

“Papillon” by Secret Garden:
Here is a sad piano song that turns into a sad violin song.

“Hunting” by Ben Bohmer, JONAH:
Never wait on someone else to love you. Never wait on someone else to love you. Never wait on someone else to love you.

“Let The Beat Build” by Lil Wayne:
All right, Sunshine. Time to wake up. Ever heard of a Philly Cheesesteak?
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