Houston Concert Watch 9/20: Beyoncé, Chicago and More

Houston's own Beyoncé will be back home this weekend for two shows at NRG Stadium.  Concerts from Chicago, Los Straitjackets and Dogstar are also on tap this week.
Houston's own Beyoncé will be back home this weekend for two shows at NRG Stadium. Concerts from Chicago, Los Straitjackets and Dogstar are also on tap this week. Photo by Asterio Tecson. Creative Commons.
What we have here is a teachable moment. I am referring, of course, to Lauren Boebert, member of Congress and Broadway musical devotee, being kicked out of a performance of Beetlejuice a few days ago in Denver.

What have we learned here? 1. Don’t vape during a performance if smoking is prohibited. Take that stuff outside if you wish to indulge. 2. Have respect for your fellow audience members. Tickets are expensive, and no one wants to hear you singing along, much less feel like they are paying for the privilege. 3. Once again considering the notion of extending every courtesy to those around you, don’t grope your date. Please quell the stirrings in your loins until you find yourself in an appropriate and private setting. 4. If you are ejected from a performance, you probably deserve it, so don’t flip off the security personnel. They are just doing their job. 5. Make every attempt to be a decent human being, both at the show and elsewhere.

Ticket Alert
Hot on the heels of Beyoncé, Pink will be in Houston for a show at Minute Maid Park next Wednesday, September 27, with Brandi Carlile opening. There are still tickets to be had, and at reasonable prices.

Just announced: Folk Uke will perform at the Mucky Duck on Saturday, October 21, and tickets are on sale now. The duo of Cathy Guthrie (daughter of Arlo) and Amy Nelson (daughter of Willie) offer up sweet harmonies with gentle accompaniment (as might be expected), but it’s the lyrics that will get you. With songs like “Motherfucker Got Fucked Up” and “Shit Makes the Flowers Grow,” how can you go wrong?

Concerts This Week
In Mark Shipper’s brilliant bogus Beatles biography Paperback Writer (a book that wonders what would have happened if the Fab Four had regrouped in the ‘70s and ended up opening for the Sex Pistols), the band Chicago is mentioned. A record company exec says (more or less), “You know why Chicago sells records? It’s because, with those albums that have Roman numerals in the titles, people feel obligated to buy them to complete the set , like the annual update volume for encyclopedias.” It’s a great line, but it must be pointed out that 21 top-ten singles might have something to do with it as well. The perennial hit machine will be onstage tonight at the Smart Financial Centre.
Throughout rock and roll’s august history, instrumental bands have been a constant presence. Certainly not in the majority, but always there. Link Wray (“Rumble”), the Ventures (“Pipeline”), Edgar Winter (“Frankenstein”) and…Los Straitjackets? Since 1988, Los Straitjackets have jumped onstage clad in black suits and luchador (Mexican wrestling) masks, playing crazy tunes sin vocals. Check them out on Friday at the Continental Club, with Allison Fisher and Her Swell Band opening.  For more on Los Straitjackets, see Gladys Fuentes' Houston Press interview with guitarist Eddie Angel.
Oh yeah, almost forgot — Beyoncé is in town this weekend! She returns to Houston as a conquering heroine, rolling into H-town with her Renaissance tour for two nights at NRG Stadium on Saturday and Sunday. It will be interesting to compare the city’s general level of giddiness with Taylor Swift’s appearances at NRG back in April. No doubt fans will be on the lookout, hoping for Beyonce sightings around town. It should be noted, however, that if we see her at Red Lobster, then we know what’s she’s been up to (see video above).
Alt-rock trio Dogstar took an extended (20 years or so) hiatus, but the band is back, touring in advance of its forthcoming album Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees, stopping off at the House of Blues on Monday. Bassist Keanu Reeves is still on board, so there will be some folks in the crowd who are there to see a movie star. However, Reeves seems to take his musical pursuits quite seriously, and the audience should do the same. Hey, this isn’t "Wyld Stallyns!"
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