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A Collection of John Nova Lomax's Sole of Houston Columns

John Nova Lomax on a Southeast sidewalk.
John Nova Lomax on a Southeast sidewalk. Photo by David Beebe

Several readers have asked for another look at John Nova Lomax's series The Sole of Houston following his death this past Monday.

As many of you know, not all our earlier stories are accessible right now. They were taken offline while the Houston Press transitions to a new software system in which to post its stories.

But Janaka "JP" Patel in our IT department went to work on an extensive  hunter-gatherer mission and found the Sole stories whose titles with links are listed below. They are listed from newest to oldest, but just to make your viewing simpler, here's the first walking story he ever did for the Press:

The Sole of Houston was published October 12, 2006 as a cover story when we were still in print. Here's how it begins and how the series all began:

I've read that you can see Westheimer from space. I've also read that it is the longest commercial thoroughfare in Texas. I've always thought of it as the soul of the west side of Houston. For all of these reasons and a few more, I thought it would be a good idea to walk it, all the way.

Not from the Loop to Midtown, nor from the Beltway either. By "all the way," I mean just that — start from where the No. 53 "Westheimer Limited" Metro bus turns around at West Oaks Mall and Highway 6, and then pound the pavement of the entire 16-plus miles, eight zip codes and three U.S. congressional districts, all the way to where Westheimer gives way to Elgin in Midtown.

Unfortunately the photos that accompanied these stories were purged from our system a while back from our former owners in a general sweep of our publication.  But we invite you to look at the one slideshow that still exists from a December 2007 walk.

click to enlarge
Words to live by, at least at this establishment.
Photo by David Beebe

Enjoy the journey. 

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The Sole of Houston
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