River Oaks' Teflon Man Sues Wife Despite His Heroic Cancer Battle

Return of the Teflon Man

Last we heard from

Gary Ross

, the Teflon Man of River Oaks, he had e-mailed one of his lawyers about how he had colon cancer and was at death's door.

But apparently Ross never lost the will to fight since that September 2009 e-mail: Last month, Ross sued his wife -- or at least the woman he introduced to people as his wife. No one was ever really clear on whether the couple was ever legally married. That's just the way Ross rolls.

In his suit against Holly Colon, Ross tells a dramatic story about what took place when he innocently tried to help her with a problematic tree branch at a July 30 bbq.

While defendant started a fire in a barbeque pit, she asked plaintiff to remove a tree branch for her that was hanging down from a tree in the front of her property. Defendant went back inside and Plaintiff walked to the front of Defendant's property to remove the tree branch as she had asked him to do. Plaintiff reached out to pull down the branch, and not realizing that there was a sudden drop off, as it was hidden by plants and shrubbery, Plaintiff unknowingly stepped off the ledge of the lawn, and rolled head over heels down a steep hill, over a retaining wall and landed on his right side in the street, apparently knocked unconscious.

Ross claims that he injured his hip and shoulder, sustained "multiple contusions and abrasions over his body," and broke his ankle, requiring -- in an odd turn of phrase -- "surgical treatment and internal fixation with hardware."

The suit states that Colon "did nothing, or next to nothing, to reduce or eliminate this unreasonable risk of harm, even though she knew about these circumstances or...should have known about it."

Ross is seeking damages for mental anguish, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and the loss or reduction of earnings.

Ross shows remarkable character by not playing the cancer card in the suit. In fact, his attorney, Ross Sears II, told Hair Balls "I'm not aware of Gary Ross having any cancer." (In Ross's September 2009 to one of his lawyers, Kent Huffman of Florida, Ross wrote, "Kent, I have colon cancer....When I got the bad news, it was no comfort to think about how my dad's father died of colon cancer as well as my uncle. I just don't want to fight with anyone, anymore for any reason....I want to take [Holly] and go spend some time with my daughter in New York.")

We tried to find out if Ross was still married to Colon, and why he'd sue a woman he claimed was his wife in the first place, but Sears hung up on us. He said he was aware of our earlier feature on Ross, and he didn't want to have anything to do with an "unfavorable" story about his client. (We wonder if one of the things Sears found "unfavorable" was our reporting that a Children's Protective Services investigator found evidence that Ross beat the shit out of his 17-year-old stepdaughter, just before he moved to the Virgin Islands? Maybe that wasn't fair of us. Maybe we shouldn't have reported on that. After all, who doesn't punch teenage girls with enough force to give black eyes from time to time?)

Colon couldn't be reached, and she hasn't filed anything in response. But we'll stay on top of this, because we want to make sure a poor guy who's dying from cancer gets justice.

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