The 10th Anniversary of the Shuttle Columbia Disaster: Worst Hoax Ever

Today is the tenth anniversary of the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia, which blew apart as it was gliding across Texas to a Florida landing.

All seven crew members died, and Texans were poking around the Piney Woods for weeks looking for debris.

NASA is keeping a low profile for the anniversary, which is its "Day of Remembrance" that includes other space-related disasters. There's a memorial page, and President Obama has issued a statement:

Ten years ago, seven brave astronauts gave their lives in the name of exploration when America's first flight-ready space shuttle, Columbia, failed to return safely to Earth. Each year, on NASA's Day of Remembrance, we honor the crew of that Columbia flight, as well as those of Challenger and Apollo 1, and all the members of the NASA family who gave their lives in the pursuit of expanding our Nation's horizons in space-a cause worthy of their sacrifice and one we must never forget.

As with any NASA foul-up, conspiracy theories bloomed, and Columbia has a doozy.

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Richard Connelly
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