You Not Only Get An Aggie Degree, You Get A George W. Bush Speech!

If it wasn't for Texas A&M, President Bush's


might stay clear for the next two months. But leave it to the Aggies to stay loyal to all things Bush.

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News outlets in College Station are reporting that Bush will make a commencement speech in December at a Texas A&M graduation ceremony. It's not clear which of the four graduations Bush will speak at - possibly at the ceremony for students that fled the Galveston campus - but a spokeswoman at the university says she hopes details will be finalized by the end of the day.

The elder Bush gave the commencement at A&M in 1989, about a year before the first invasion of Iraq, and he chose to speak about a post-Cold War Soviet Union. Here's the transcript; not exactly a barn burner.

There's a good chance that Bush 43 will talk about war, too, but there's a better chance that he'll tell the students that as they venture out into the world, they should stay the course, not waiver in the face of adversity, and never be afraid to be the punch line of a joke. Of course, that'll be preaching to the choir at A&M.

-- Paul Knight

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