Food Fight

Are Restaurants That Don't Take Reservations Shutting Out Certain Guests?

Recently, my editor posed a question: Why don't some restaurants that clearly get a lot of business take reservations?

I explained that individual restaurants likely have different reasons for that choice, but that it's becoming an increasingly popular option. First come, first served.

She went on: But could that be keeping a whole segment of the population from dining there. Young people are much more likely to wait a few hours for a table than older people, she reasoned. Young people stand in line for concert tickets or video games. Why not dinner?

While I can't personally attest to seeing a younger crowd at places like the uber popular Coltivare, which hasn't taken reservations since it opened, instead opting for a waiting list policy, I do think it's an interesting question. Though I get uncomfortably hungry, I have no problem waiting upwards of an hour if I know the end result (an awesome meal) will be worth it. My parents, on the other hand, would rather restaurant-hop until they find a shorter wait.

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Kaitlin Steinberg