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Here Are 10 Seafood Sandwiches in Houston to Help You Get Through Lent

Hope you pigged out on Fat Tuesday, because the 40-day Lenten season is here. It's often a time of prayer, atonement and — most important for the purposes of this article — Fridays on which you abstain from meat and get jealous of your co-worker's bacon cheeseburger. Well, this year, you'll feel envy no more! Because these ten drool-worthy seafood sandwiches will keep even the most meat-centric of you properly satiated:

Peacemaker Po Boy at Bernadine’s, 1801 North Shepherd
Hit this coastal Treadsack restaurant at lunch or brunch to get the Peacemaker, a po-boy in which big, meaty fried Gulf oysters and big, meaty fried Gulf shrimp get fully dressed and play nice for the day ($18 with a generous pile of crispy shoestring frites).

Crispy Gulf Fish Sandwich at Karbach Brewing Co. Restaurant & Patio, 2032 Karbach

Head to Karbach for the beer, stay for the beer and the eats. The craft kitchen pumps out plenty of awesomeness, including this battered and fried Gulf fish sandwich that gets hit with LTOP and piquillo pepper tartare sauce, nestled into a sweet Hawaiian bun. Add on a couple of pints and a Big Ol' Pretzel with beer mustard and Texas cheese sauce because you're sacrificing and stuff.

Lobster Roll Two Ways at Cousins Maine Lobster
Hopefully, you've tried a Maine-style lobster roll, served chilled with a touch of mayo and hunks of beautiful lobster meat. But have you ever tried a Connecticut-style one, served warm with hunks of beautiful lobster dancing in butter? Either way you're in luck, because this mobile eatery serves both ($13.75 each).

Coconut Basil Shrimp Banh Mi at Les Ba'get Vietnamese Café, 1717 Montrose
You may have to skip the duck pâté, but your sandwich will still come brimming with flawlessly executed shrimp, rich truffle aioli, cucumber, pickled daikon and carrot, scallion, cilantro, and jalapeño. Get it on a baguette or a croissant for $7.50 or $8.25, respectively.

Crawfish Roll at Saint Arnold Brewing Company, 2000 Lyons

'Tis the season. This Third Coast take on the Maine classic features mayo-slathered crawfish stuffed inside a grilled and buttery-as-all-hell bun. Get it alongside some of the most addicting hand-cut fries in town.

New Orleans-style BBQ Shrimp Po-Boy at Holley's Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar, 3201 Louisiana
Poor no more: This fancified sandwich kicks the classic shrimp po-boy up a notch with fried green tomatoes, grilled lemon and cane syrup-mint aioli. 

Smoked Salmon Waffle at The Waffle Bus

Bagels and lox are cool. But you know what's cooler? WAFFLES AND LOX. That's what you get here: a slightly sweet waffle stuffed with bright pink smoked salmon, spinach, tomato and a schmear of cream cheese ($8).

Tuna Melt at Fountain View Café, 1842 Fountainview

This old-timey cafe does old-timey classics justice. Take the buttery, cheesy and absolutely tasty tuna melt complete with a pickle, for example. The old-timey price of $6.10 doesn't hurt matters, either.

Catfish Po' Boy at Frenchy's, all locations

Skip the fried chicken and try the iconic chain's new Lent-friendly catfish po-boy. Served on French bread with lettuce and tomato, the catfish is fried up with the same Creole seasonings as the chain's famous fried chicken. Get it with mashed potatoes or fries for $4.99.

Gulf Shrimp & Crab Ciabatta at Local Foods2424 Dunstan (Rice), 2555 Kirby (Upper Kirby)
All the sandwiches at this local favorite are pretty awesome, and this overstuffed seafood number is no different. Made with Gulf shrimp, blue crab and a stellar green goddess dressing, it's the perfect way to spend a meat-free Friday.
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