Hot Star fried chicken at BLT
Hot Star fried chicken at BLT
Photo by Jenn Duncan Photography

Better Luck Tomorrow's Happy Hour Is Here and It Involves Fried Chicken

It's actually a "happy hour and a half," but we don't have to get all technical with the name, right? All you really need to know is that Better Luck Tomorrow — yes, the Bobby Heugel/Justin Yu dream team bar in the Heights that serves tasty cocktails, wine and beer, and incredible bar food — is jumping into the happy hour game starting Monday, July 3.

BLT's happy hour draws a little from the happy hours at its sister entities, Anvil (Heugel's operation) and Public Services Wine and Whisky (Yu and somm Justin Vann's operation), with half-priced cocktails and 25-percent-off bottles of wine on offer every Monday to Friday, 3:30 to 5 p.m.

But the real special here will be the food. The happy hour menu created by chefs Justin Yu and Matt Boesen will center on one thing in various forms: fried chicken. There will be two "chicken combos" available. The Chicken Combo A will offer chicken wings, chicken tenders and chicken butt, all of it fried. The Chicken Combo B will be off-menu and is still top secret at this time.

The regular bar menu already features a riff on Taiwanese (and L.A.) street food destination Hot Star's thin, crispy fried chicken cutlet, among other standouts, such as the Party Melt, an extremely sinful patty melt that really is a thing of beauty.

Along with all of this, a Break-Even Wine program will now happen every Sunday at 3:30, wherein three-ounce pours of a high-end, exclusive bottle of wine will be sold at cost. That's like its own special happy hour for the industry crowd that flocks here. Cheers.

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