The Early Start is an aquavit cocktail.EXPAND
The Early Start is an aquavit cocktail.
Photo courtesy of Better Luck Tomorrow

Better Luck Tomorrow Opens Wednesday in the Heights

Better Luck Tomorrow, the highly anticipated new bar from James Beard award-winning chef Justin Yu of Oxheart and bartender Bobby Heugel of Anvil, Nightingale Room, The Pastry War and Tongue-Cut Sparrow, officially opens Wednesday, May 3, at 544 Yale in the Heights.

The bar will be open daily from 3:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., meaning both early birds and night owls will be able to get their claws on the fairly concise food and beverage offerings here, created to showcase the bounty of produce and ingredients that the bar sources from local farms.

The electric interior of Better Luck Tomorrow
The electric interior of Better Luck Tomorrow
Photo by Jenn Duncan
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According to a rep for BLT, Heugel's favorite drink is The Early Start, an aquavit cocktail with notes of sorrel and lime and the tell-tale frothiness that accompanies a well-shaken egg white. The vibrant chartreuse-hued cocktail seems to fit right in among the bar's electric interior, a kitschy neon nod to artist Dan Flavin's installation at Richmond Hall.

The Party Melt.
The Party Melt.
Photo courtesy of Better Luck Tomorrow

Last month, chef Justin Yu told the Press to expect simple, light bar food that you won't find elsewhere in Houston. There's at least one seemingly sinful item, though, the Party Melt, which is a crunchy riff on a patty melt. In fact, it might be the only dish on the menu that won't change seasonally at BLT, which is debuting with food that appears to pull inspiration from all over the place, whether in the form of a Tuscan stew, a flatbread with yogurt-marinated cucumber hit with a touch of the Egyptian spice dukkah and lemon, fried chicken in the fashion of Taiwan's Hot Star empire, or a plate of raw East Coast oysters. Check out the menu below.

BLT Menu by Gwendolyn Knapp on Scribd

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