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The People In My Neighborhood Are Taking the Blue Bell Recall Hard

I’m not much of an ice cream person and my wife has a milk allergy so the recent Blue Bell recall didn’t really hit us all that hard. Nonetheless I was walking down the ice cream aisle at my local Kroger when I spotted this. For some people, having no Blue Bell is apparently the end of the freakin’ world because they have taken to leaving little memorial notes written on the recall notice taped to the freezer doors.

In case you’re reading this on your phone or something here are some highlights.

“Blue Bell is something of a comfort for us all, especially pistachio almond. Please hurry”

“We need you please please!!”

“It is truly the end of days. No Blue Bell!”

“The end of the world. Whyyyy!”

“There no ice cream with out ya’ll”

“I’m starving”

And my personal favorite, a simple, “We miss you”.

Look, guys, I may not be the greatest authority on the subject but there are other ice cream brands. Treat yourselves to a trip to Coldstone or something. Or just get the regular old Premium Select and gussy up a dish with sprinkles, syrup, whipped cream and other niceties. I get that you like a brand, but have you actually tried Ben & Jerry’s? It’s pretty good.

On the other hand it’s kind of sweet to see people in love enough with a company that they’ll whip out a pen and jot down a little love note just to remind random people of that fact. Even they do compare an ice cream shortage to the coming of the Antichrist.

The current recall of Blue Bell was the company’s first in 100 years after products tested positive for Listeria. Recent tweets from the company indicate an ongoing wish that the ice cream drought will be over soon, with regular promises of updates from Blue Bell. . 

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