Big Eyed Fish: A Closer Look

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"Whimsically named Big Eyed Fish is hard to miss once you know where it is. It’s across Henderson Street from Liberty Station. Alice’s Cafe & Lounge used to be there. The restaurant resides in an adorable 100-year-old house painted bright turquoise with white trim.

The idea of a family-owned country cafe smack dab among all the trendy new restaurants is really appealing. You’d think it would be a boon for the people who hang out at Liberty Station. A cafe just across the street that serves chicken-fried chicken, meat loaf and mashed potatoes should look like the Shangri-La of the South to someone in need of post-drinking ballast." Find out more about Big Eyed Fish in our review, "Big Eyed Fish has a Great Concept but Needs More Great Food." PHOTOS BY TROY FIELDS.