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The Timeless Beauty of Cuba

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Luann Williams
Kids, Habana Vieja.
Cuba is a treasure trove of possibility, on the cusp of change, but steeped in tradition and locked in the time warp of almost 60 years of Communist rule.
Cuba is vintage cars, which are not just taxis, but regular modes of transport. Cuba is crumbling architecture, some of which is being painstakingly restored, much of which still in disrepair and is called home for many in Centro Habana. Cuba is art, theater, street life and most of all, music —salsa and rumba, Afro-Cuban jazz and more. Cuba is food, from the fruit carts laden with giant avocados and guayaba, to the inventive paladares (private restaurants) which have grown in number with the lifting of government regulations. Cuba is cigars. Cuba is its people: resilient, creative, smart and welcoming. Many U.S. based airlines are flying to Cuba starting this fall, including United, which will begin Saturday flights from Houston to Havana starting November 29. ALL PHOTOS BY LUANN WILLIAMS