Courtside Manners
I applaud you for your investigative enthusiasm ["Risky Business," by Brad Tyer, November 26]. You seem to have related a fair and objective story. It appears that the Norrises have been (and I hope still are) working well within the constraints of their permits.

It is amazingly convenient of Afis Olajuwon to be unable to recall anything accurate about his dealings with the Norrises. Do the Norrises affect Mr. Olajuwon's business in any way? Perhaps now that this story has been brought to light, will Olajuwon see a diminished clientele? I, for one, will not be patronizing this car wash anytime soon.

It is also amazing that Representative Ron Wilson has coincidentally decided he can't live with the Norrises working with proper permits while he doesn't mind the vendors selling roses without permits. If Wilson is genuinely concerned, why doesn't he work to ensure all street vendors maintain the proper permits? Does Wilson have nothing better to do than solicit harassment for the Norrises? Wilson's involvement begs the question, Will we see him courtside if the NBA season ever gets under way?

Thank you, Mr. Tyer, for your enlightening article.
Ernest W. Ladkani
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Getting Greedy?
It is sad to hear that even Hakeem's brother is crooked. Nothing would have happened if he had not gotten greedy. Can you give me an update on where the glass repair men are working now? I want to show them my support.

Glen Force
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Bank Shot?
Quite interesting. Afis needs to leave others alone and show some class like his brother Hakeem, who is probably the "bank" who got Afis started anyway.

John T. Auriemma
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Hopes for the Worst
The Norrises will get the last laugh. Hope the IRS gets your report and that people refuse to go to Afis Olajuwon's business.

Darh Nosdiva
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Abuses Moved Him
Great article. I lived in Houston for years and regularly saw similar political and police abuses. I moved away from the city for exactly that reason, after experiencing a couple of incredibly corrupt police officers.

Rick Nova
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Taxing Situation
I was quite taken by the events that have transpired and by the far reaches of the Olajuwons' so-called power.

Trying to defraud the U.S. government by not paying one's taxes is a felony and could mean the loss of all his businesses. And anything that Ron Wilson does that could be construed as help for a friend is abuse of power.

Keep up the good work. I enjoy the hell out of your paper. Look what else we got -- the Houston Chronicle, the pits.

Mike Hefner
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Gray Matters
This was a fine story. My wife's vehicle just suffered a chip, and a gravel truck caused a stone to create a star on my windshield. By gosh, by golly, we'll just have to find the new Norris location to have them fixed.

Tom Bazan
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Operating In a Vacuum
Fascinating story on the Norris family and their problems with Dream's car wash. Bob and Clint may have the last laugh yet, as their business may outlive the car wash. I have come to it twice since it opened. Each time I chose to leave rather than wait for one vacuuming employee who was expected to take care of four cars while two supervisors stood by and visited with one another.

Apparently, vacuuming wasn't in their "supervisor" job description. Waiting for one guy to do the work of three isn't in my "client" job description. I wonder how many others have had the same experience? Be sure to let us know where Chips & Cracks relocates. I expect to patronize their business.

Graham Painter
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Editor's note: At press time, the Norrises were still in business near the corner of Bancroft and San Felipe. They are waiting for formal notification from the Houston Police Department about the legality of continued operations at that location.

Polo Grounds
Is it a crime that John Goodman is wealthy, generous, modest and possesses a great passion for a grand and very challenging sport ["The Patron," by Randall Patterson, November 19]? Is it so bad to be unassuming in regards to the vast and diverse knowledge that is second nature when part of a family business for 15 years?

John started the International Division of Goodman Manufacturing and helped his father achieve the very successful transition into a world market supplier from the simpler national business -- it is only fitting that he was made head of the division!

Goodman insists on playing a defensive position in polo, and he has never tried to pass himself off as more of a player than he is. He is developing into a damn good player; he is already a beautiful sportsman and role model for all.

Next time you mock a good man, I hope you make the extra effort to delve more deeply, get your facts straight, and not be so eager to conjure up the disappointing misrepresentations you seem to thrive on. Get it right lest you become yet another unreliable news source.

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