Cold Comfort

Location, location, location: So what if your body is buried under the wrong headstone? ["Dead Wrong" by Wendy Grossman, April 10]. So what if someone else is buried on top of you or below you? News flash: You are dead. The rotting corpse that will be placed in the cold earth is not you or your loved one anymore, it's just a vessel. Let it go.

However, if someone is taking advantage of grief-stricken family members, perhaps that person should be buried alive, beneath, on top of and surrounded by the dead people screwed out of their rightful burial place.

Anthony Munoz

Taking Aim

At war with peace: As an NRA member, naturally I don't condone or encourage unsafe discharge of firearms and certainly not in populated areas where you cannot be sure of where your projectiles might impact or land ["Billboard Blues," by Richard Connelly, April 10].

But has anyone ever noticed that, except for the Libertarian Party -- a right-wing entity if there ever was one -- almost everyone else protesting the war on Saddam is a left-wing, anti-USA zealot with some sort of international socialism either covertly or overtly being supported as part of an agenda hell-bent on bringing down America, killing off religion, destroying capitalism, taking our guns away, making us all think like little politically correct automatons punching the chad for a wooden head?

There are Oval Office candidates representing tear-streaked, condom-distributing, rabbit people living in some fantasy world "imagined" by John Lennon who are totally oblivious to history, current events in third-world dictatorships and who think George W. Bush is the left-wing equivalent of the anti-Christ.

Has anyone ever noticed that out there in the great unwashed America there are still some people who take exception to the aforementioned residents of Whiny Land, feel disconnected by the widespread attempt of the feminazi high priestess enforcers to emasculate them and now and again lash out in some direction or another to show their displeasure?

Let a few people fire some errant shots at a peace shrine, bought and paid for with tax-deductible dollars of some nonpolitical tax-exempt front for the shrill crowd, and all the fiends of -- can I say hell here, or is this a "family newspaper"? -- come roaring out of the collective left-wing voice that makes up the American media to make fun of the only bunch of people in the whole USA that it's still legal to make fun of.

Jim Stevens

To yell and back: The April 10 issue of the Houston Press made me want to scream. I first read with great interest the four letters to the editor concerning Margaret Downing's excellent article about CPS in Brazoria County ["Fostering Abuse," March 27]. The letters were informative and showed deep concern (and knowledge) about foster and CPS care. I, too, appreciated Ms. Downing's article.

Unfortunately, I later read "Billboard Blues," by Richard Connelly. I am so disappointed the Press would publish such an article. Not only was it immature and belligerent, it was extraordinarily horrible "reporting."

I tried to understand the point. I think it was that The New York Times incorrectly reported that billboard companies fear peace billboards in Houston "might get shot at." There's no story there. Even it were true, I don't think it merits a story.

The Press does absolutely the best job in town of reporting about CPS and city and county politics. Please, please don't demean this important, serious reporting by putting it alongside tabloid stuff like "Billboard Blues."

Denise D. Havard

Kids and Abuse

Lying to survive: I would like to respond to a letter ["Letters," April 10] written claiming that children do not lie. First, I have known the Rogers family ["Fostering Abuse," March 27] since I was nine. I am now 23. Coming from a broken home myself, I attached to this family on my own because being around them in different periods of my life blessed me in knowing that love within a family can exist. As a child in a broken home, I did lie several times to get what I wanted. Most of it then was just a survival technique so I could please whoever I was around or to get out of a situation that I was not comfortable with. Now that I am older, I've learned better and I am wiser because of what I went through as a child. Whoever says that children do not lie either does not have children or has never been a child in a deprived and discouraging situation desperately seeking attention and/or a way out.

All my love to Mom and Dad (Kenny and Gloria Rogers).

Carmen Jackson

Secondhand slap: When Cheri and I found out that the Houston Press was doing an exposé about Brazoria County CPS, we were elated. The rush to judgment, lack of due process and coercive tactics of CPS have shocked everyone who knows about our case. Given this, I couldn't be more disappointed with Margaret Downing's report.

My actions, which occurred over a few hours during a single afternoon, were certainly ill advised, but were done with the best of intentions. I would not call my actions "stupid." Ms. Downing did not present information on the positive relationship I have had with Cara or my ex-wife's continuing support. Ms. Downing also did not contact me.

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