The Jonx

No Turn Jonx Red

Four years and four releases after their start, it's still tough to pin down the sound of The Jonx. Maybe it's the unique time signatures that rampantly chug through the rock trio's recordings. Or maybe it's the ever-alternating vocal duties, which flutter from spoken word to grating dissidence.

Their latest release, No Turn Jonx Red,which again finds no one band member fronting the vocals, is best when they just shut up altogether. The first two minutes of "Escape (This Is Not a Song)" are a lush, delay-drenched dream. The song finally finds the band slowing its tempo and giving a glimpse of sleek aural beauty, if only for a brief moment. Before the listener can take it in, Trey Lavigne's vocals come roaring along with rolling bass riffs. Three songs later, The Jonx return to instrumental works with "The Scent of Earth," a 12-minute lesson in math rock that could make Steve Albini blush.

The Jonx hold on to their rough edges, unique time signatures and daring.
The Jonx hold on to their rough edges, unique time signatures and daring.

All in all, No Turn Jonx Red keeps listeners on their toes. Rough around the edges, the group refuses to lose the grit that keeps them distinguished from other bands. And unconcerned with fitting in with other musicians, they write whatever music they want to and explore avenues others just wouldn't dare.

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