The 10 Worst Places to Be Caught in Houston

Critical Mass can clog up a street quick.
Critical Mass can clog up a street quick.
Photo by Heather Vidrine

No one wants to be stuck anywhere. Sitting in a waiting room at the doctor's office. Standing in line to buy tickets for a movie. Waiting behind an elderly woman at the grocery story who insists on paying with a check. These daily frustrations can increase stress and generally piss people off. Houston shares these same tension builders with other cities, but we have a few things that are fairly unique to us.

The 10 Worst Places to Be Caught in Houston

10. The downtown light rail line during the rodeo (or on Sundays during football season).

The light rail, despite all the debate and votes and lawsuits, has been wildly successful. And as it expands, there is no reason to think it won't continue to be an asset to a traffic-clogged city like Houston. But there are certain times the downtown section of the rail should be avoided like grim death, in particular during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and football season, unless of course you want to learn what a sardine feels like when packed into a tin can.

9. Washington Avenue after 10 p.m. on Friday or Saturday.

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Not only are the denizens of this somewhat fading barhop scene spending much of their weekend nights drinking, but with very few transportation options to get to and from Washington Avenue (the jitney might get you up and down the street, but it won't take you home), many of these folks end up on the road making crossing this busy street hazardous. Avoid at all costs or challenge at your own risk.

8. Behind a Critical Mass bike ride.

The popular cycling organization that holds nighttime rides is fascinating, but also brutally slow. It's akin to being stuck behind a parade of octogenarians. To make matters worse, there can literally be several hundred riders stretching out over a mile or two, making the wait longer and more frustrating. If you come across one of these rides, do yourself a favor and turn around to find another route home.

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