Here's The Pitch: Top 10 Commercials Starring Musicians

Madonna's infamous "Like a Prayer" Pepsi ad, 1989
Madonna's infamous "Like a Prayer" Pepsi ad, 1989

Every now and then, name-brand companies need a little extra pizzazz when it comes to advertising, and often they turn to the music world to do this. Either way, it's a win-win situation for both the artist and the company because the artist usually walks away with a hefty amount of money. Even better, these ad campaigns are often memorable.

But which ones are the best? Here are the ones that stood out.

10. Pat Benatar (and her mother) for her own album, 1984's Get Nervous:When Pat Benatar released Get Nervous in 1984, not only did she become an icon, but the tongue-in-cheek album cover solidified her status as such. To promote the album, Chrysalis records made this memorably zany commercial starring her mom. Though Benatar only appears in her music videos, this still counts. Like mother, like daughter.

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9. David Bowie & Tina Turner for Pepsi, 1987: In 1987 David Bowie and Tina Turner teamed up for a Pepsi commercial that used a reworked version of "Modern Love." The commercial starred David Bowie as a scientist that inadvertently creates his dream woman when he spills Pepsi onto his latest project.

8. Paula Abdul & Gene Kelly for Diet Coke, 1991: Former American Idol judge and pop star Paula Abdul starred in not one but many commercials for Diet Coke in the '90s. Amidst her many commercials for them, her most memorable one will always be where she dances alongside a young Gene Kelly.

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