Start the Revolution! 10 Songs About Historical Events

Start the Revolution! 10 Songs About Historical Events

If you ever look at music throughout time, along with a history book -- they kind of complement each other. Some of the greatest songs in rock, R&B and rap have chronicled history both social, major news events, sports, entertainment and political.

In my opinion, many times, the song is about what the artist thinks about some of these events, or it captures the mood of the country.

10. Alan Jackson, "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning"

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September 11, 2001, a Tuesday, is a day that will not soon be forgotten by anyone. It was the worst attack on U.S. soil since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. Country singer Alan Jackson, on that terrible day, went out for a morning walk and, when he returned, heard the news about what happened in New York in his kitchen.

However, Jackson wanted to write a song that wasn't vengeful but rather thoughtful and reflective, and the song's reflections are pretty powerful:

Did you open your eyes, hope it never happened/close your eyes and not go to sleep? Did you notice the sunset the first time in ages, or speak to some stranger on the street? Did you lay down at night and think of tomorrow/ or go out and buy you a gun? Did you turn off that violent old movie you're watchin', and turn on I Love Lucy reruns?

Jackson performed the song on the CMA Awards and, the following morning, radio programmers pulled his performance and started playing it on the air.

9. U2, "Pride (In the Name of Love)"

The whole song talks about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and all that he did, with both peace and love. Bono sings:

Early morning, April 4 Shot rings out in the Memphis sky Free at last, they took your life They could not take your pride.

8. Dion, "Abraham, Martin, and John"

This song contains many references to four very important figures in civil rights history: Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation; Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a baptist minister who decided to show the world that peace is a better solution; and both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert. The song talks about how they are still needed in spite of the fact that they were all assassinated.

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