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10 Actors Who Tackled Bob Cratchit, Both Good and Bad

Art Attack believes that when film fans review the pantheon of A Christmas Carol movies, it's not enough to just judge them by their favorite Scrooges -- whether it's George C. Scott, Patrick Stewart or Mr. Magoo.

The role of Bob Cratchit is also crucial, and a slew of big names have taken their shot at it, with mixed results.

It can be a tough role to pull off without going overboard on either the pusillanimous workplace behavior or the Hallmark saccharine of the scenes around the family hearth.

Here are ten Cratchits, ranked from worst to first.

10. David Warner A talented actor who will perhaps forever be best known for his role in Titanic, Warner's performance in the George C. Scott TV movie isn't terrible, but it's badly hampered by the set designer and director. The Cratchit hovel looks positively homey, all light and airy and clean, and you'd never think their Christmas goose was especially small until Warner mourns its supposed tiny size.

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