100 Creatives

100 Creatives: Camilo Gonzalez, Interdisciplinary Artist and Educator

Camilo Gonzalez grew up using both old- and new-school technology. "I grew up with 16mm stuff, but I also grew up with a phone in my pocket. My grandfather was a chemical photographer, so I grew up seeing that. And I still carry a pencil and a little notebook around in my pocket, but at the same time I'm a total [tech geek.]"

New technology might make it easier to produce some forms of art, but producing good art? Gonzalez says that's just as difficult now as it's ever been.

"[Young people] grew up with a phone [that's a camera] and all of this amazing computer and photography equipment, but they aren't critical about [what they create or see] at all. It's like reading: Okay, you can read; how do you decide what to read, what's good and what's bad? That's what's missing with art, I think. Anybody can take a picture, but now what?"

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Olivia Flores Alvarez