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A Herd Of Bison Stampedes Through Houston

Bison creator Kareem Day sits among his creations.
Bison creator Kareem Day sits among his creations.
Photo by Kareem Day.
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Kareem Day is the owner and creative mind behind A Heard Of Bison, a Houston fashion company that is quickly making its way through the city, and his latest release is a sneaker with a personal twist on an already classic shoe, the Jordan 1.

Originally released in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 shattered Nike's $3 million-dollar first year sales goal with a monstrous $126 million, cementing the design in sneaker history. Thirty-five years later the same shoe is still a dominate figure in the sneaker industry, with new  and “retro” versions of the silhouette released regularly.

“The silhouette is just sexy,” explains Day, “you can wear it with anything. I respect Nike so much, and to me, when I put on a 1, I feel…O.K. We sometimes have insecurities about what we put on, and we’ll look in the mirror and be like ehh, but with a Jordan 1, you’re always good.”

Day’s latest rendition of the iconic shoe will feature a variety of changes to make the design one of a kind. For one thing, he swapped the “swoosh” (Nike’s signature “check-mark”) with a four-leaf clover. His trademark word "Bison" appears on the heels. And then, of course, there's the color.

“A lot of people only see things for their surface value and take it and run with it,” says Day. “That’s cool, but sometimes you can dig a little deeper, look at something from a different angle.”

Day’s pieces often feature two different or opposing images or fabrics that when combined, invoke thought.

“We did the Harriet Tubman/Dorothy piece and people were like, ‘Uh, what are you doing?’ and when you think about it, why would you put Harriet Tubman next to this fictional character? But I just wanted you to think about it. They had the same goals. It’s like a freaked-out way to view something, but in the form of a garment.”

The material used for the shoes will include a white tumbled leather mid-quarter and toebox, with grey and green suede accenting the shoe and the words “Bison” and “Heard” are embroidered on the heels.

From shoes to jackets and from toilet paper to mugs, Day’s vision is big on a global scale. Born in Philadelphia, Day has made Houston his home. He continuously features the city in a majority of his items. Astros style jerseys with the late DJ Screw, hoodies with the word Houston over a bison, and multiple articles of clothing showcasing the city map, Bison is a homegrown Houston brand.

Day decided to represent his city and one of the iconic events in the world, the Houston Rodeo, at another city's major event, Paris Fashion week. Clad in a satin jacket that read “Team BISON 2019 Paris Bronco Riding Champ,” Day brought his own style to the fashion capital.

Kareem Day in Paris for Fashion Week.
Kareem Day in Paris for Fashion Week.
Photo by Kareem Day

“It was cool man, I basically flipped the black cowboy situation. It was a representation of myself and where I come from. The idea is that you don’t see any black cowboys in Paris, so we brought that to them.”

The Bison Lucky Trainer High will be available for pre-order from September 4-11. For more information and orders please visit aheardofbison.com

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