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Dear White People: Justin Simien's Controversial Concept Trailer Receives Both Praise and Criticism (w/ Video)

Dear White People, Justin Simien's concept trailer for his not-yet-made satirical film of the same name, has generated quite a bit of controversy since being uploaded to YouTube about two weeks ago. Comments below the video are a cauldron of ire-provoking debate.

Some agree wholeheartedly with the film's premise.

awesome trailer. i look forward to this. -dewfish

This looks like a great movie. -TBoneSprinkle

Others don't.

Because when black people stereotype white people it is so much better? Not sure if it was the intention but this trailer did highlight for me how stupid and ugly group think can be. I've come to the conclusion that people who first and for most need to identify with a race are weak and insecure individuals. White power or black pride = losers too afraid to stand on your own merits and be judged by the content of YOUR individual character + Cowards hiding behind labels and their own skin color. -Satire 97

The best way to end racism is to all be the same color, this movie is dumb and it's not going to change anything about anything, I'm going to go watch Game of Thrones now. -m0sheflows

Responding to people who say his movie idea is racist, Simiem insists he doesn't mean to be offensive and he doesn't mean to accuse anyone else of being racist. The Houston-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker says he just wants to express the discomfort he and other African-Americans sometimes feel when they are the only "Black face in a white place," as the trailer's tagline reads.

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