Happy 25th Birthday Olsen Twins: 5 of Their Creepy Food Songs

If you want to know why Generation Y is fat, look no further than the '90s musical output of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the Monchhichi-looking twin sisters from ABC TGIF powerhouse sitcom Full House.

Today is the girls' 25th birthday, and it seems like just yesterday the men of America were chomping at the bit for them to turn 18 for some inexplicable reason. There were Internet countdowns and a special episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by the duo. We all know the hot pieces on Full House were Aunt Becky and DJ, the latter fueling our "big girl" fetish from 1988 on to today. The girls were pretty cute around 18, but then one of them, we forgot who, started looking skeletal and then the tabloids starting caring more about Paris Hilton and we lost track.

The pair made countless videos and films before and after Full House went off the air in 1996 to capitalize on their cuteness and talent, making them millionaires many times over before puberty. Our little brother and younger relatives were right in their target audience, so we got to see a few of their videos. What we realized later is how steeped in food they were, glorifying most all kinds of junk food with an almost Hitler Youth-type devotion.


Peanut Butter

Something In My Lunchbox

Critters On My Crackers

Ice Cream Crazy

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Craig Hlavaty
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