Houston Ranks #18 Among Places to Find a Sugar Daddy. Go Us!

It is amazing how life has changed over the past few years. In just five short years we've seen an African American in the White House, several states recognizing gay marriage, the first Latin-American woman Supreme Court Justice and now this news just hit: The national average age of a "Sugar Daddy" has dropped from 44 in 2007 to 39 years old! The Web site SeekingArrangement.com, the "world's largest Sugar Daddy dating Web site," has just released some stunning demographics about the current state of sugar daddiness in its comprehensive report "Top 20 Cities to Find a Sugar Daddy."

According to the site, Sugar Daddies are a young bunch, with the majority working in finance of some sort. They bring in about $270,000 and give their sugar ladies an allowance of 61 grand per year. The best place to find a Sugar Daddy in 2013 is Hot-lanta; however, Houston isn't too shabby. Space City is the number 18 city on the list to find yourself a Sugar Daddy, and H-town's dudes spend about $4,383 per month on their cowgirls. Modern Sugar Daddies in Houston now 42 years old and make approximately $666,736 annually. Of all the things the city should be proud of, I think we can agree that this is somewhere near the middle to bottom of that list.

While I have no idea what constitutes a Sugar Daddy to SeekingArrangments.com, the dictionary defines the term Sugar Daddy as a "rich middle-age or older man that bestows gifts on a young person for sexual favors." I always pictured Sugar Daddies as old, feeble men with canes and smoking jackets who buy young girls lots of blow, but perhaps I was wrong. A youngish dude can also want to pay for sex from someone who's not a hooker.

Given this definition, there are a few surprising modern sugar daddies out there that I may have never considered before.

5. George Clooney

Clooney doesn't date shockingly younger women, but they are indeed his juniors. He also seems to have a proclivity towards no-names, bartenders, shot girls and retired professional wrestlers, who he stumbles upon (and who happen to be gorgeous). Actually, Clooney may even be too old to be a Sugar Daddy given the fact he is 51.

4. Bradley Cooper

Cooper has had lots of real committed relationships with actresses who have their own dollar bills, but none of them have lasted all that long. So just last month, the Hangover III star was said to be canoodling a 20-year-old up-and-coming model. No offense if you guys are in like, love, or whatever, but he is probably paying all the bills and she's probably totally cool with that. But is he also buying her beer (because she can't legally buy it herself, not because of the whole money thing)?

3. Diane Kruger

Who said a Sugar Daddy has to be male? Let's go, feminism! Kruger, who is 36, has been with Joshua Jackson (34) for several years, but, still, let's get serious here. Who do you think picks up the check after a dinner at Arby's, because I'm thinking Kruger. Jackson's Dawson Creek money cannot still be flowing.

2. Doug Hutchinson

I don't even understand how the guy who is best known for having a small part on the show Lost has Sugar Daddied up the obnoxiously awful, and very young, Courtney Stodden, but he has. One would assume he is forced to take out loans to pay for her clothing costs, but luckily the amount of cloth used to cover her body is minimal.

1. Richard Gere in Pretty Woman

Why do they have to be real Sugar Daddies? This is my list.

Pretty Woman

wins; it always wins.

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