King Tut Brings His Road Show Back to Houston's MFAH

For even more King Tut pictures, see our slideshow.

It's been almost a half century since an exhibit of antiquities from the Tutankhamun reign was here in Houston, but the boy king is back in Tutankhamun:The Golden King and the Great Pharoahs.

Various dignitaries including Mayor Annise Parker turned out this morning for a media preview of the exhibit that will open to the public Sunday, October 16, and run through April 15, 2012. In anticipation of extensive interest in the exhibition, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston will be open seven days a week and offer special programs for school groups.

As Parker sagely noted: "The arts contribute greatly to the City oh Houston's bottom line."

The exhibition, which includes more than 100 objects from ancient Egypt, also comes complete with a scientific update, the DNA evidence that finally established who King Tut's dad and granddad were.

After a booming "Now Enter the Tomb of Tutankhamun," viewers get the chance to look at items that were recovered from the annex, antechamber, treasury and burial chamber of his tomb.

There's even a sarcophagus for a cat.

There are also newsreel clips of the 1922 Howard Carter discovery of King Tut's tomb. Turns out it helped that Tut died young and was buried suddenly and without much fanfare. Tomb robbers didn't know about it, so it escaped most of the damages done to the last resting places of other pharaohs.

For more information about the King Tut exhibition, organized by National Geographic, Arts & Exhibitions International and AEG Exhibitions with cooperation from Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, go to www.mfah.org/KingTut. The exhibit is on view in the Upper Brown Pavilion of the Caroline Weiss Law Building at MFAH.

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