Houston's Performing Artists Say Don't You Forget About Me

Reading out Grimm's Fairy Tales.
Reading out Grimm's Fairy Tales. Poster art
Their stages may be closed, but Houston's theater companies and performers continue to put themselves out to the community both to remind residents of their continued existence and to help at-home families with their down time as the coronavirus continues to spread in the area.

Several artists from Classical Theatre have come together to create videos of each of them reading one of Grimm's fairy tales. And thanks to editing help from Jeff McMorrough, those videos will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting this week.

The videos are available via Classical's newsletter as well as its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Meanwhile The Ensemble Theatre has started a series of its own, offering updates through its website and Facebook platform.

The Ensemble Theatre BOLD Online Series weekly program will post at noon on each of the following days:

Mondays: (Message Mondays) will include weekly videos or chats with The Ensemble Theatre leadership and guest artists to share updates, personal stories, and words of encouragement for everyone.

Thursdays: (Throwback Theatre Moments) will be designated as a time to share slides and images from past theatre events, performances, and special moments in The Ensemble Theatre’s history.

Fridays: (Family Fun Fridays) will feature workshops, artist performances from home, and streaming of some of the theatre’s archived performances.
Houston Grand Opera has partnered with Houston Public Media to present weekly radio broadcasts  on Fridays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 1 p.m. Information on how to access this is at

Fans of Opera in the Heights can watch its artists perform from home with any number of videos. For starters check out:  Andrew Surrena, Nicole Kenley-Miller, Kaitlyn Stavinoha and Ivan Conrad.
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