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The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Picnic Spots

There are lots of great picnic spots around Houston. Before we give you a rundown of the top ten, we need to mention a few that didn't make the list and why.

The Arboretum, easily one of the nicest green spaces in the county, isn't on the list because picnics aren't allowed on the grounds. The Arboretum does have some of its own tastings on the trails a couple of times a year, but since food and drinks aren't normally allowed, it's not on our list. The same goes for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's Rienzi house museum. The MFAH's Bayou Bend gardens do allow picnics, but only kinda. There are a few tables scattered among the lawn that surrounds the parking lot, outside of the gardens. Technically, yes, there are picnic facilities but technically, they are in the parking lot, so it's a no-go as well. Also missing is Jones Plaza, across from Jones Hall. Some downtown workers opt for lunch outside and Jones Plaza is nicely located, but its tables and chairs are routinely chained in place for security and so unusable.

10. City Hall The reflection pool and lawns outside City Hall make a nice spot for an impromptu picnic for office workers nearby. There's lots of shade, a great view of the historic city hall building and even several benches for those of us who don't actually want to sit on the grass with the bugs and the ants. Shrubbery keeps the worst of the traffic noise and fumes away. Plus there's a giant clock on the top of the building so you're not late in getting back to your office.

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Olivia Flores Alvarez