Top 5 Texas SCPs That Will Scare the Hell Out of You

Everything from teddy bears to pet dogs become horrors in the SCP database.
Everything from teddy bears to pet dogs become horrors in the SCP database. Screencap of the SCP website
Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring the SCP (Special Containment Procedures) Foundation, a fictional organization that collects and catalogues strange and paranormal objects that could be a danger to society. The entire universe is built collaboratively by different authors through a wiki page, and some of it is downright terrifying. The presumed classified nature of the Foundation’s files means that a great many of the things they keep track of have their points of origin hidden, but sometimes their regional history is available.

Today, let’s look at some of the SCPs from Texas. Here are five of the most terrifying ones from the Lone Star State just in time for Halloween.

Reminder: all these events are fictional.


In October 1988, Houston police were called to the Zipco office building following reports of strange animal attacks. They discovered 14 lions prowling the building, having already killed 12 people and injured 27 more. Also discovered were 14 suits of human skin with zippers up the back. DNA testing showed that the skin suits matched the profile of 14 Zipco employees who had attended a team building exercise in the fourth-floor conference room that afternoon.


The object known as SCP-5163 was found in an abandoned rural house in Texas in 2009. It resembles a small teddy bear, otherwise unremarkable to the naked eye. However, anyone who comes into contact with the object immediately feels a sense of profound attachment to it that manifests as acute anxiety about being separated. Agents who discovered the bear and both touched it were reduced to fighting over it and then lapsed into suicidal depression at the thought they might have hurt it. The effects were neutralized with amnesiacs, and SCP-5163 is now stored in a Standard Containment Locker within Site-73.


One of the most alarming SCPs in Texas is located in a valley in the Guadalupe Mountains near El Paso, SCP-4271 is a large mass of silicon-based tube worms whose structure appears to reach down all the way to the core of the Earth based on subterranean scans. The mass reproduces asexually and is expanding by approximate 2.6 percent each year. Current estimates project it will cover the entirety of North America in less than 500 years. More disturbingly, earthquakes in the region have been shown to release unknown creatures, including large insects and a large animals made of what appears to be magma and covered in runes.


Found in a northern Texas town in 1980 that had been experiencing a string of dog attacks, SCP-5611 is a Rottweiler that is stuck in an endless twelve-second time loop. At the end of the twelve-minute period, its head explodes with such force that bone and other matter can injure nearby personnel. After six seconds of death, the head will reconstitute itself and the cycle will begin again. The dog is also infected with late-stage rabies and can transmit the virus through bites. Attempts to euthanize the dog have been unsuccessful as it will revive even if dispatched through other means. In the interim period before the explosion of the head, the dog is able to move independently and is extremely hostile.


Another time loop anomaly, thankfully far less fatal, was discovered in a small house in an undisclosed desert part of Texas. The house sat undiscovered for 60 years and has had a warehouse constructed around it to prevent further interaction with it. A family of four appears to inhabit the house shortly before a massive explosion originating in the basement happens. The event will rewind and happen again every four seconds. Worse, any person who approaches the house will also become stuck in the time loop, an act that increases the range of the temporal effect. Currently, SCP-1950 is contained within the warehouse and no one is allowed near it to prevent further spread. Just one of the horrifying, fascinating things in the SCP database.
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