Your Meme of the Week: Hipster Grandma

The other day I was visiting my grandmother in the rehab facility back in Pearland, where she went after getting a new shoulder. I was wearing my new eyeglasses, and she inquired about how big they were, so I let her try them on for size. Of course I took a picture. What year is this, 1896?

After looking at the photo I realized that I had unwittingly made my Grandmother Hlavaty a meme without even knowing it. It sure sucks to constantly be sweating and dripping gold out of my pores, I tell ya.

The Hipster Meme has gained traction the past few weeks, with Hipster Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Hipster Charlie Sheen, Hipster Kitty, and Hipster Jesus. So why not Hipster Grandma? She even has a Twitter account.

You can make your own Hipster Grandma if you still have one walking around. Add a pair of glasses, a few hugs, and shake well. Wait, don't shake them. They're fragile.

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