Photo by Jeremy Parzen

Camerata at Paulie's

Photo by Jeremy Parzen
One of Houston's newest wine bars is also one of its best. Situated next to the neighborhood Italian restaurant Paulie's, Camerata draws a diverse crowd of industry folk, wine aficionados and average joes who enjoy a good glass of bubbly. Or Syrah. Or Riesling. The bartenders and sommeliers at Camerata know their product, and they're happy to recommend a glass or a bottle in whatever style and genre a customer might want. They're even great at introducing newbies and experts alike to new wines they might never have heard of or tasted. And if you get a bit peckish after all that wine, Camerata stocks Paulie's sandwiches and an array of meats and cheeses to sate your appetite. Oh, and did we mention the wine?

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