Fusion Taco

Photo by Troy Fields
Fusion Taco may have something of a hipster name -- what is fusion, anyway? -- but the delectable tacos are serious business. They are true combinations of global flavors from the bayou to Bombay, and they're executed with far more skill than your average food truck demonstrates. The truck made the move to brick-and-mortar on Market Square Park back in July 2013, and since then the space has become a new hot spot for the downtown lunch set. The food is fast, consistent and very inexpensive for the quality of what you're getting. Nearly every component of the tacos is made in-house, from the tortillas to the queso, and the owners, Julia Sharaby and David Grossman, are always there, making sure their ship is running smoothly. With wonderful, unique food, great service and super-reasonable fast-casual prices, Fusion Taco is a welcome addition to the rapidly evolving downtown area.