Houston's 10 Best Vegetarian Tacos

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Photo by Erika Kwee
10. Vegetarian taco at Tacos Tierra Caliente, 2003 W Alabama
A pile of lettuce, tomato and squiggles of Mexican cheese in a flour tortilla may not sound the most exciting or appealing, but here's the key: free avocado. With a generous squeeze of a lime over the top, these simple tacos transform into more than the sum of their parts.
Okay taco fiends: it's time to talk VEGETABLES. The rise of fusion and Tex-Mex taco spots in town means the number of creative, vegetable-based tacos has multiplied. From meat substitutes to tofu to grilled or fried vegetable options, Houston offers a wide array of delectable vegetarian-friendly tacos. So let's get to it.