Snapping And Singing: Ancient Cat Society Premieres Video For "Anyone"

Ancient Cat Society is back with the video for "Anyone".
Ancient Cat Society is back with the video for "Anyone".
Photo By Karo Cantu
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With everyone on lock down and so many concerts and events getting canceled around the world, there’s one thing that can’t be stopped, a video release. Houston’s Ancient Cat Society is currently in the studios working on their second album but in the meantime they are letting fans wet their whistle with their new video for “Anyone.”

“Anyone” continues to show what Ancient Cat Society does best: harmonize. Like a current day Peter, Paul and Mary core band members Sergio Trevino, Haley Lynch and Austin Sepulvado bring serious ‘60s vibes but with a modern edge.

“I think that's just one of the things about Ancient Cat,” says Trevino. “It's just always harmony rich and I just love Haley’s voice and I always love working with her, she's very easy to work with.” Lynch lifts the song into another atmosphere with her aerie solo.

The video was directed by Linsey Cooper-Trevino and plays like a mid-century modern daydream about love and blame. The video captures the movement of the track in all its subtleties, from the coordinated swaying of the band to the leading characters coolest and most minute movements.

“The video is kind of a juxtaposition to the song cause the song sounds kind of modern and very groove oriented,” describes Trevino. He admits that his wife presented him with a handful of ideas and his only real request was that she capture the motion of the song. “It’s very understated, but it has the groove,” he says.

The song delves into questions around why we often hurt the ones we love and who we are to them afterward. Being in a relationship of any kind often comes with compromise, sharing love while setting your own boundaries as well as letting your guard down and revealing your true self.

Trevino describes how his songwriting keeps one foot in reality and one in fantasy. “You kind of use these little emotions that you have and you just build on them. You try to create something real and not just something that sounds pretty. It’s kind of like you're walking a tightrope and with these emotions of reality and inspiration.”

Ancient Cat Society released their first self titled album on Splice Records in 2017 and plays live around town regularly. What started as a side project for members involved in other busy bands (Buxton, Dollie Barnes) has grown into a strong project, quickly outgrowing the “side project” size.

“Whenever nobody is doing anything we try to squeeze something out or try to make something happen and I feel like this is just really good timing as far as everything coming together.”

They have currently added three additional members to the band and are working on their second studio album right now. Trevino worked on “Anyone” and is consciously leaving it off of the upcoming album, hoping to release it as a seven inch in the future.

For now fans can listen to “Anyone” on Spotify and YouTube and use it as a catchy sneak peek into the new sounds to expect from Ancient Cat Society. “The full length, it's going to have a lot more ‘60s influence I’d say, it’s going to be more lively.”

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