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Artist of the Week: Coline

Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to [email protected].

How else to say this than with bold, forthright honesty: we thoroughly enjoy campy R&B. It's shameful, we know. But while Z-Ro, Trae and The Last Dragon dominates our references, sweet R&B calls forth our sincerest vocal efforts, free from restraint or judgment. We're quite certain we can go word for word with anybody re: an R&B love song from 1992-1998. (A handy talent, to be sure.)

We could write a thesis on why Jodeci's "Come And Talk To Me" was better than Tevin Campbell's "Can We Talk." We wore a nearly exact replication of the jacket/tie/blue jeans outfit that Boyz II Men wore in "End of the Road" to our middle-school dance. We still dream of candy-coated rain and continue to refer to acts of infidelity as creepin'.

We have accepted the fact that we're never going to get En Vogue's love. So after we poked around R&B songstress Coline's MySpace page a few weeks ago, her inclusion into the fraternity of badass that is the Artist of the Week camp was a no-brainer. After the jump, read about why Jesus plays such a prominent role in launching so many R&B careers, whether or not Michelle Williams should be kicked out of Destiny's Child in lieu of herself and what it was like to actually work with Paul Wall versus anonymously bashing him over the Internet.


Rocks Off: First off, is your name is pronounced Cah-leen or CO-leen? It's a long "O," like "colon," right?

Coline: My name is pronounced Co-lean. Not quiiite like "colon" [laughs].

RO: Got it. We were reading about how you got started singing at church or something like that. We hear that a lot. Churches really churn out a lot of music acts. They're like an evangelical Rap-A-Lot. Why is that?

C: [laughs] Well, church is one of those places where people can get up there and express themselves whether it's good, bad or ugly! It gives you room to grow and truly express yourself without judgment. Well, they shouldn't be judging, but you know how that goes.

RO: Before we were emailed your info, we hadn't heard too much about you. How is that? You're clearly very talented.

C: Well, thank you! Getting out here is hard! Houston is huge and there are a million other singers out here, so making your mark takes some time. But having my single "Give and Take" being played on the radio for two months, dropping two mixtapes, and being in Solange Knowles' video for "I Decided" has definitely helped. P.S. I'm mad y'all missed all of that.

RO: Seriously, if Destiny's Child gets together for another album, you should totally take Michelle Willaims' spot, right? To be Jigga for a moment, Michelle Williams is so unnecessary.

C: [laughs] No, I love those ladies, but I'm doin' my own thing.

RO: The "Give and Take" remix features Paul Wall. We've taken to bashing him at every opportunity possible - on account of his corniness, mostly - but what's he actually like to work with? What's he like in person? We imagine he walks around saying things like "Look how flat the brim on hat is" and stuff like that.

C: Paul is so not corny! [laughs] He's a good guy, definitely great to work with. In person he is real laid back and real cool. He doesn't walk around sayin' what you said, maybe something more like [in an H-Town voice] "What's up, baby?"

RO: Is there a Mr. Coline? Seems like your music, "Smellin' New Cologne" specifcally, would dictate there isn't. You should probably think about dating Jay-Z - he did wonders for Beyonce's career.

C: Well, if there was a Mr. Coline, we wouldn't call him that! Hmmm, Mr. Carter is already taken, so I guess I'll have to keep looking [laughs].

RO: Speaking of, did you see that guy on YouTube that does the entire "Single Ladies" dance? He's very crisp, right?

C: Awww, man! No I think I missed that one [laughs]! I'm gonna have to get my YouTube game up! But you can totally check me out on Youtube.

RO: Nice segue. Anything you'd like to make sure gets mentioned, now's the time to do it. Maybe speak a little to how you got on that T-Pain/Lil Wayne "Can't Believe It" remix.

C: Well, lets see: everyone definitely needs a copy of my new mixtape Diamond in the Rough, with special guest features from Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Trae, DJ Khaled, DJ Drama, Solange Knowles, Lil Keke... whoops, didn't mean to name drop [laughs].

RO: Didn't even notice.

C: No, but seriously, the "Can't Believe It" remix was something that my producer came up with as an idea for the mixtape. We wrote and recorded a verse on it and bam, it was born! Everyone just remember to keep your ears to the streets and your eyes open because the sky is the limit for me!

Download Diamond in the Rough at www.myspace.com/colinecreuzot.

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